ICPAK has the responsibility for its impact on society. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR has been embedded in the Institute’s 2019-2021 Strategic Plan as a key result area within its Strategic objective 17: To be a premier business partner.

Its CSR activities will support initiatives and projects that clearly address challenges faced by the society. The Institute recognises the need to support such activities and provide an avenue for its staff and members wishing to engage in community development on a sustainable basis.

ICPAK gives priority to the promotion of four CSR thematic areas which it will focus on to further deepen its CSR activities.

Focus Areas

Below is a target activity and action plan based on each thematic area for the year 2019.


Education plays a big role in efforts to alleviate poverty. This initiative aims to give an opportunity to the next generation of transformation leaders.


Forest recovery
We coexist with nature by committing to reducing negative environmental impact.

Local Community

ICPAK members and staff are part of a community. We aim to contribute to the betterment of members of this community.

Accountancy awareness

We aim to give our members an opportunity to offer their technical knowledge and expertise in the profession for towards community empowerment.